Create database

Here you can create a database connection selecting your device and the desired database, then asign a name to it and push Create database.

Update from device

If your database has changed during your app use, you can update it and get the new data. It rewrites your downloaded database, but doesn't modify the backup.

Upload to device

Once you have modified data through scripts or tables directly, you can upload the modified database to your device or emulator without relaunching your app.

Show file

You can locate the database file pressing this icon which will open the file selected on your file system so you can copy or edit it with a database editor.

SQL Console

Pressing this icon you will create an SQL Script over the selected database. It will open a new editor where you can write your script.

Delete database

If you don't need the database anymore, you can delete it, remember that this action can't be undone but confirmation will be asked to you.


Here you can set your behavior preferred like committing changes automatically over tables or allowing the plugin to create databases backup so you can restore it later.

Add row

When you need to add a new row on your table, you can press this icon and a new empty row will be created on the top of the table. Fill it and save it or discard it as you need.

Clone row

This function is similar to add row, it will create a new row on your table but its values will be the same as the row that was selected when you pressed the icon.

Save changes

Press here if you want to apply all changes over your table. This function will write changes on database file. You can rollback it using database backup.

Discard changes

You can rollback changes using this function. It's possible to restore all changes at once or a change particular through the contextual menu.

Reload changes

If your database have been updated from device while some tables were opened, you should reload changes or close and open it again.

Delete row

Sometimes you need to delete a entire row, you can accomplish it with this function, but remember that it's impossible to undo but it will ask confirmation.

Execute query

If you want to apply some selected queries, you can use this icon, note that it will apply only the selected ones, not the entire script. Executed queries will be selected.

Clean query

When you need to clean the entire SQL editor you can use this method and it will be cleared. If you clean it by mistake, use your system undo shortcut.

Restore backup

You can restore changes made over your database simply clicking here, this way your plugin database will be restored to the last saved backup.

Update backup

If you have changed your database and want to save it to restore it later, you can use this function and your backup will be updated with the working database.

Edit database

This panel allows you to edit basic information about your database, at this moment, you can only change the database name.

Database priority

This is an easy way to set some databases apart from all the others. The priorized database will have a golden icon so you can identify it quickly.

Open help

SQL Android help will redirect you to this website. Here you can explore every aspect of the plugin and read about its normal behavior.

Get premium

Here you can view your plugin ID which is necessary to get a plugin key and all premium features enabled. This panel will be shown when you try to use a premium feature.

Execute all sentences

Press this icon if you want to execute all sentences of your SQL Script, otherwise only sentences queries will be executed. Only last sentence will show its output.

Save script changes

This option allows you to change your SQL Script name and the database where it's executed. Remember to press here to save and apply your changes.

Apply filter

Once you have written your filter, you can apply it pressing this button. Automatically your table rows will be updated showing only the filtered ones.

Copy value

If you use the copy shortcut, all the row will be copied on your clipboard, use this function available on the contextual menu to copy only the selected cell.

Open filter

Here you can open the filter section where you can add as many filters as you need. A filter it's as simple as a SQL Where clause like "family = 3 and price < 20"

Discard filter

If you don't need to filter your table rows anymore, press here and filter will be unapplied, all rows will be shown and filter section will be hidden.

Set to NULL

This function available through the contextual menu it's the only way to set a cell with Null value. A blank cell or a null string isn't a Null value.

Get insert sentence

It's possible to get a row insert sentence using this function. The sentence will be saved on the clipboard so you can paste it anywhere.


The environments allows you to define variables into scripts and change its values quickly setting the desired environment.