What will you get?

  • Create, update and upload database
  • Restore and update backup
  • Change database priority
  • Create and execute SQL Scripts
  • Save SQL Script
  • Change SQL script database
  • Environments
  • Explore insert sentences
  • Edit table data
  • Filter data
  • Rollback changes
  • Clone table data
  • Get SQL insert sentence
  • Alter table GUI
  • Autocommit changes

First step

Make a donation

Just make a donation using the following button. For your safety we have decided that the donation is made by Paypal.

If donation is more or equals than 25$/€ you will get premium features by filling second step.

Second step

Your Plugin ID

Get your plugin ID located on premium panel of your plugin and send it to us indicating the email which were used for donation.

Forget me

Delete my email

If you have sent us your email address and you want for us to delete it from our database, use next form.